1. greenanise:

    Redraw of an old comic I made for my ex-website, “An Unrehearsed Riot.” Old one (hopefully obviously), on the bottom. 

    There are some things I like about the older comic. I like the flowers a little better — they seem more delicate and flowery. 

    At some point I’ll probably redraw the new one too : ) 

    "An Unrehearsed Riot" was one of my favorite comics.



  2. greenanise:

    i drew this one several months ago, but forgot to upload it. this was actually this first of my “return” to comics. 

  3. greenanise:

    the problem with coffee

    This is SO TRUE about coffee!

  4. The ugly side of science.

  5. yumcomics:

    …and sometimes you’re the bug.   Check out the action at corydon cafe.


  6. greenanise:

    one last comic strip for the evening.

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  8. Ian!  You spoil me with three comics today, yay!

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